All Rates Are For Adult Modeling and Content ONLY

Pittsburgh and Ohio- Please inquire (Locations are reasonable and drivable)

$400 per hour

$600 90 minutes

$800 2 hours

$2k plus expenses fly me to you! 24hrs

ALL FEES  FOR  FOR ADULT /VIDEOGRAPHY that YOU are purchasing. They will be taken with your device (whatever you choose) and you will sign a document to not release. Please read about types of adult photo sessions that I offer. You are welcome to delete them after the session ;)

4 hour dinner dates are $1000 in each city and are only from 8pm-midnight. Yes I'm aware that  my 2 hour rate in some cities. It's still 2 hours of alone time but I only schedule with those that interest me for an additional 2 hours of fine dining and great conversation.   

Who wants to be on video?

There is a $150 additional fee for each 10 minutes of footage for YOUR enjoyment only. You will sign a document to not release. Photographs are included in my regular fee (that's what the fee is for) up to 3 final ones (out of the good ones, we'll take a bunch if you'd like).

Fly me to you......

$2000 for up to 24 hours plus expenses. All travel within the US, expenses and 25% due to book. I require lunch and dinner and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I'll bring many outfits and energy, you be fun! I'm extremely selective when booking this. 


Did someone say a long weekend at the beach? A crazy weekend in Vegas? International travel? Let's go! Rates are tailored to time spent and destination. 

Payments I accept

Cash only. Deposits can be sent electronically or travel gift cards.